Roof trusses

Roof structures

We have been operating in the construction industry for years. We are a leader in the construction of wooden all-year-round and summer houses. We offer modern roof structures – roof trusses in MITEK technology and traditional roof truss. A roof over your head is not enough. Only a solid and durable roof structure will provide certainty and peace of mind during powerful storms or heavy snowfall. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the solutions we offer.

Roof trusses in the MITEK technology

Roof trusses are the most important element of roof structures. The solutions we use ensure the stability of the house and the safety of residents.

We have a license to manufacture roof trusses in the MITEK technology with the use of barbed tiles. We have been provided with a factory production control certificate, thanks to which we can mark our products with the CE symbol. This means that we meet all the requirements related to the conformity assessment. The certificate confirms that the characteristics of the manufactured roof trusses comply with the properties specified in the European standard EN 14250: 2010. We make roof trusses for industrial facilities, halls, warehouses, facilities for agriculture, horse riding schools, henhouses, barns, gastronomic and tourist facilities, hotels, guesthouses.

Traditional roof truss

We design a traditional roof truss. The wooden roof structure is a particularly important element in construction. The roof truss is a durable roof skeleton that takes all loads. It must withstand not only its own weight and roofing material. The strong roof truss will withstand the loads of strong wind or snow.

Below we present examples of solutions in the field of roof structures, trusses and trusses.

The envelope roof

Garden shelter for summer gardening. Covered with steel roof tiles. Simple architecture will fit perfectly into any surroundings.

Gable roof

A gable roof with a usable or unused attic. Price per m2 of roof at:

Superstructures on flat roofs

Superstructures in a light frame structure with the use of roof trusses on the flat roof of the building from the 70’s. You gain residential, service or rental space without the need to purchase a building plot or pour foundations. The solution is available all over Poland on any flat roof. One of the special advantages of the truss technology for superstructures is that the bottom chord rests on a rim and also forms the ceiling structure. The flat roof is often not adapted to carrying the utility loads and has a slope that needs to be leveled. Both of these problems will be solved by the use of barbed plate structures.

The price ranges from PLN 120 / m2 to PLN 180 / m2 of the roof surface, depending on the complexity of the roof and the number of intermediate supports.

Roof trusses in typical projects

Truss truss designs in the designs of typical design studios:


The catalog lists the prices of over 200 truss structures in typical projects.