Passive, energy-efficient houses

The idea of energy-efficient houses

Modern construction requires that the erected facilities are not only durable, but also environmentally friendly. In response, the idea of ​​energy-efficient houses was born. Only natural, ecological materials are used for their construction. It is important that these objects exhibit perfect thermal parameters. The construction of high-class energy-efficient houses is our specialty. We offer a range of projects, varying in size and architecture. Thanks to them, you have the opportunity to reduce your heating expenses up to 3-5 times. It saves even several thousand zlotys a year. We use prefabricated components to build energy-efficient houses. Thanks to this, the construction process runs smoothly and quickly. We use materials that guarantee perfect insulation of external partitions. The technology used in the construction of energy-efficient houses prevents the formation of the so-called thermal bridges, i.e. places of special heat loss.

WascoVilla offer

We build functional and aesthetic energy-efficient houses. The offer includes holiday and residential houses. The optimal air temperature prevails in the WascoVilla energy-saving houses all year round. A passive house is an advanced form of an energy-saving house. Modern construction technology allows you to maximize energy gains with minimal heat losses. Passive houses allow you to reduce energy consumption up to 8 times. We also make roof trusses and trusses which are the most important elements of wooden roof structures. Each roof truss prepared by us ensures the stability of the house and the safety of the residents.