Modern houses

The designed elements of the structure are cut out on precise saws and then joined together using appropriate barbed plates. Ready-made elements are also assembled in the factory hall: walls, ceilings and roofs. This technology allows you to build even in winter.

The set of elements is transported to the construction site, where they are quickly put together; starting from the floor, through ready-made walls, and finally the roof. The floors inside the house are varnished, so after assembly, all you need to do is arrange the interior and … you can move in!

The heat cannot escape from the “bottom” of the house. The unique WascoVilla patent is a certified foundation in the form of a concrete slab, made in three days. Due to its homogeneity, it does not require any additional seals.

We offer individual solutions – design or execution of a delivered construction project approved in the office.

Modern houses 149M

In response to more and more frequent inquiries about the costs of building a house in a modern body, the so-called “barn” we decided to offer you a ready-made solution adapted to the frame technology.

On the ground floor there is a day zone with all the necessary set of rooms and a private zone for parents. The attic is intended for children. They have a shared bathroom and a mezzanine with access to two rooms, one of them is equipped with a wardrobe.

The common area of the residents of this house is well sunlit by the glazed gable wall from the floor level in the living room to the roof itself.

According to the investor’s preferences, the facade of the building can be made of standing seam sheet, wood or plaster.

Basic house parameters

Modern houses 149M

What distinguishes a modern house from traditional ones? A simple shape, the use of large glazing and natural materials. This is what House 169M is all about.

Divided into three zones:

  • technical with a garage;
  • day room, consisting of the main entrance to the building, a kitchen with a pantry and a spacious living room. On warm days, a threshold-free patio door extends the living room with a terrace where you can spend a nice time enjoying a barbecue or sitting by the fireplace.
  • a night zone with two children’s rooms and parents’ bedroom. Each room is equipped with its own wardrobe, the parents’ bedroom also has an individual bathroom.

Basic house parameters

Modern houses 204M

For those looking for non-standard solutions in the style of their dream home, we have prepared a house in the style of a modern barn.

The facade and roof made of fiber cement tiles create a monolithic body without unnecessary details.

The sliding sunblinds stylized under the gates refer to a real country barn.

A one-storey building with entrance and night zones connected by a living room with a ceiling raised to the roof slopes.

The frames supporting the roof over the living room additionally strengthen the atmosphere created by the external appearance of the building.

Basic house parameters