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New technology

We offer individual solutions – design or execution of a delivered construction project approved in the office.

Construction projects

Construction projects

Roof structure calculations

Construction timber

Swedish construction timber C24 class construction timber, spruce, graded for strength, dried, four-sided planed with rounded edges.

Patches, counter-battens

We offer dry patches and counter-battens

Patches: 40x60mm –
Counter battens 25×45, length 1.35 m –

Garden furniture

We offer garden furniture made of natural pine wood. The thickness of the board from which the elements are made is 45 mm.
Furniture dimensions:
Table dimensions: height 75cm, width 80cm, length 150cm Bench with backrest – length 150 cm, height with backrest 80 cm
Table dimensions: height 80cm, width 120cm, length 250cm Bench with backrest – length 250 cm, height with backrest 85 cm
The price is for a table and two benches with backs.
Other configurations are possible.