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The company has its own design office, working on the basis of the latest licensed PAMIR design software. In addition to engineering calculations, it creates accurate workshop documentation, which ensures the quality of performance and eliminates the possibility of errors in the preparation of production. With WascoVilla you can build a house according to your own idea or using one of the many ready-made projects. The office can also prepare a comprehensive design, from the land development plan to the building permit. While you get a precise and highly detailed design right away, wood frame building gives you a lot of flexibility. If during construction we decide, for example, that we want to have a window in the wall, then in an hour or two such an opening can be made without costly forging, as in traditional buildings.

New technology

WascoVilla is also a producer of modern, light roof structures in the roof truss system, connected with the innovative licensed MITEK system, without the use of glue, screws, nails – thanks to the steel connector plates.

Perfect material

The construction elements are made of the best material available on the market, i.e. certified Scandinavian spruce. It is kiln-dried wood, with a moisture content below 18%, regularised and classified in terms of strength (wood class from C18 to C30), protected with impregnations that protect against biological corrosion (insects, fungi, mold) and increase fire resistance. Doors and windows, floors, facades and roof are selected according to the customer’s needs. The possibilities are endless, but what matters is the quality and eco-friendliness of the materials used.

Quality control

WASCOVILLA has a certificate of factory production control, which allows us to mark our products with the CE mark. The certificate confirms that all the conformity assessment requirements are met, and the manufactured product has the properties described in the European standard EN 14250: 2010.